Web3 Projects

(drive decentralized offers & sales)

JSYK.io is crypto-per-click promotional marketing

. . . for the latest and greatest NFT drops, token launches, DAOs and more. Bring thousands of living, breathing humans to your site with web3 referral campaigns.

This ain't your granddaddy's CPC marketing.

It's Crypto-Per-Click.

And it's so easy an ape could do it.

How does it work?

Create a campaign with a link to your site, your budget, and crypto-per-click
Fund the campaign escrow with DAI and start the campaign
Promoters get their affiliate link from the campaign page and start shilling
End the campaign when you're done being DDOS'd by curious and passionate users

Is it safe?

JSYK.io is a project from the passionate team behind Cambrian Protocol. We're a Techstars-funded startup building the future of work on blockchain.Our smart contracts are open source and tested by AI hackers.We're easy to find and wouldn't do well in jail.

2 minutes to lift-off

That's how long it takes to start receiving traffic from the most fervent promoters in the space.
We're live on Arbitrum. All you need is your Ethereum wallet.
(and less than a dollar in gas)