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JSYK.io is crypto-per-click promotional marketing

. . . for the latest and greatest NFT drops, token launches, DAOs and more.

Two Ways to Earn


Find the best projects and send them to us.
JSYK.io is a convenient, secure way for projects to run promotional campaigns with crypto.
Our platform needs its first campaigns. We're paying you extra to help us find them.


Promoters get a unique link for every campaign on JSYK.io, each redirecting to the project site.
Get paid in crypto for every click (that our advanced fraud detection doesn't think is a bot!)

How does it work?

A project owner creates a campaign with a link to their site, their budget, and crypto-per-click
The project owner funds the campaign escrow with DAI and starts the campaign
Promoters like you get their affiliate link from the campaign page and share it around
Get paid for every click you send their way, PLUS a bonus if you referred them to us

Is it safe?

JSYK.io is a project from the passionate team behind Cambrian Protocol. We're a Techstars-funded startup building the future of work on blockchain.Our smart contracts are open source and tested by AI hackers.We're easy to find and wouldn't do well in jail.

Your (com)mission, should you choose to accept it

To kickstart our launch, we're offering 10% of the total spend of any campaign you refer to us.Not only do you get paid for promoting the projects you already love, but you get paid again for introducing them to us in the first place.
How much could you be earning?
Commission Bonus
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